Spring water in a reusable water bottle

The affordable sustainable solution to single-use plastic.

When you need water on the go, but don’t want to leave any waste behind: Bottle Up.

Our sugar cane bottles are BPA-free and easy to clean so when you’re finished you can refill your bottle with tap water and use it again and again.

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Bottle Up was started by three Dutch guys frustrated by seeing single-use plastic bottles increasingly litter the streets and canals around their homes.

Their solution to ending ‘grab and go’ water culture is a carbon neutral, BPA-free bottle of spring water that can be refilled with tap water and used again and again.

Bottle Up is a global movement that started in London with reusable water bottles made of sugar cane and filled with English spring water. But Bottle Up could come to your city or country with the same local, sustainable solution.

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