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Hi! We’re Bottle Up.

We’re on a mission to eliminate single-use water bottles. Join us!

Don’t worry this isn’t going to get all heavy and serious. In fact, that’s the reason we started Bottle Up. We wanted to make the right choice, the easy choice.

Bottle Up is a simple idea: it’s easier to change our lifestyle, if we don’t have to change the way we live. So instead of trying to change the world, we changed the water bottle. With Bottle Up, it’s easy to turn your back on single-use plastic water bottles for good.

Bottle Up benefits

The bottle’s made from sugar cane the water’s made from water.


Our bottle is made entirely from renewable plant-based plastic, using less water and energy to produce than conventional single-use plastic bottles.


Sturdy, and safe! Our sugar cane based bottle is tough and BPA free. Safe to reuse again and again.


Filled with low-impact fresh spring water from sustainable sources and priced so affordably it can compete with single-use plastic.

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So certified.

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