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Let’s Cleanup

In January a team from Bottle Up travelled to Sri Lanka to assist and attend our first Beach Clean Up. The project was initiated by Voice of Humans, a local foundation funded by Bottle Up, to clean up their beach. The team gathered in Galle, a city in Southern Sri Lanka, to recruit volunteers for the project. Accompanied by drum music and a persuasive message, they recruited over 150 locals, students and social workers to help out. Their task was clear and simple; to clean up the beach of any plastic within their reach. Armed with garbage bags and gloves the team collected more than 100 bags full of single-used plastic bottles that had washed up on to the beach.

cleaning the beach with bottle up

During the weekend several workshops were also organised to teach the local community about the use of plastic, recycling plastic, and more alternative and sustainable options for single-use plastic. These workshops were carefully arranged by Kapila Ras Nayaka and his local team who existed of Sri Lankan influencers and guest lectures such as @travel_with_wife

These projects are mostly aimed at creating awareness around sustainable solutions for single-use plastic bottles. In the future Bottle Up intends to structurally initiate more of these projects. Join our mission and perhaps even share your ideas for more clean-up actions in the future. #letsbottleUp

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