We are very happy to announce our partnership with HEMA to tackle the amount of plastic waste from single-use water bottles.

With over 800 outlets in 9 countries Dutch owned HEMA will be offering her customers a sustainable alternative to the current supply of single-use water bottles. Our reusable bottles, made from sugar cane and pre-filled with spring water, will be available in over 180 Hema Food locations throughout the Netherlands and Belgium, retailing at €2.49.

HEMA is hereby taking a great step forward in reducing the amount of waste created by single-use water bottles ending up in landfill, rivers and oceans. By adding a reusable, plant-based water bottle to the range of existing soft drinks, HEMA hopes to encourage grab-and-go consumers to choose responsibly.

Our reusable water bottles are an ideal option for the thirsty ‘on the go’ consumer, the bottles are derived from sugar cane, pre-filled with spring water, uniquely designed and affordable too.