Frequently asked questions

What is the bottle made of?

Our reusable water bottles are made of at least 96% plant-based HDPE called I’m Green PE. The remaining percentage is natural colouring. I’m Green PE is resin made of sugar cane. You could say our bottles are made almost totally of plants!

Why is sugar cane a suitable alternative to fossil sources materials?

Sugar cane is a renewable source. It’s a crop that grows back again and again. The first 5 presses are used for food production, the 6th press is used to make plant-based HDPE. The sugar cane planted area is regulated by the sugar cane Agro-ecological Zoning Policy, a regulatory framework implemented in 2009 by the federal government that prohibits planting in high-biodiversity areas.

Where is the sugar cane from?

The sugar cane used to produce our bottles is grown in Brazil and concentrated in the country’s south region, located more than 2,500 km from the Amazon region. Brazilian sugarcane is highly efficient in terms of water consumption, with 95% irrigated naturally by rainfall.

Is the bottle carbon neutral?

Yes! In fact it’s even carbon negative from cradle to gate. Why? Well sugar cane fixes CO2 from the atmosphere, helping to reduce carbon emissions. With every 100.000 tons produced, nearly 500.000 tons of CO2 is reduced worldwide. Please read more about our Life Cycle Assessment here:

How often can I reuse my bottle?

You can reuse the bottle as often as you like. The bottle is BPA free and made to last if treated well. We advise you to rinse the bottle with hot water after use and drain well.

Is the bottle dishwasher safe?

Our reusable water bottle is dishwasher safe up to 40 degrees Celsius. We would advise you to rinse the bottle with hot water after use and let drain overnight. Please note the cap is to be rinsed with hot water and by hand only.

Does the bottle contain BPA?

The bottle is BPA free so you can reuse the bottle again and again. In fact, sugar cane doesn’t contain any form of BPA so you are safe to reuse.

Where is the bottle made?

We produce our bottles in the U.K. Making and filling our bottles as locally as possible reduces transport time and carbon emissions.

Is the bottle biodegradable?

The bottle isn’t biodegradable as we encourage people to reuse the bottle as often as possible.

Is the bottle recyclable?

The bottle and cap are made from the same material, making them a mono material bottle. Both cap and bottle can be recycled at end of life. Please deposit the bottle in the plastic recycling bins.

Where is the spring water from?

Our spring water comes from Elmhurst spring in Staffordshire. The water from this source is naturally mineralized through glacial stratus formed more than 100,000 years ago. Our water partners hold a BRC ‘A’ accreditation certificate and are regularly audited internally and externally.

Are your partners accredited?

All our partners are fully accredited. They hold BRC Food A, D-Zert, STS, SGS, UKAS accreditations and are members of Sedex

Do you also sell sparkling water?

At the moment we only sell bottles with still spring water.

Which designs are currently available?

Please check our bottle page for the current availability.

Where can I buy the bottle?

We have multiple stockists selling our bottles. Please check our ‘where to buy’ page for our partnering stockists.

Why does the bottle include a donation?

663 million people in the world live without clean drinking water. That’s nearly 1 in 10 people worldwide. The majority of these people live in isolated rural areas and spend many hours every day walking to collect water for their family. We want to contribute to helping to sort this out.

Where does my donation go to?

For every bottle sold, we provide 100 litres of clean drinking water to communities in developing countries around the world. Please visit our charity page to find out more about our charity partners.

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