Bottle Up x Accor Hotels

21 Dec. 2022

Bottle Up is proud to partner with Accor Hotels to help eliminate single-use plastics from their sites across the U.K.

Bottle Up U.K. distribution expands rapidly

27 Aug. 2022

Since the launch of Bottle Up in 2020, our distribution and availability up and down the U.K. has expanded rapidly. Bottle Up SKU’s are now pretty much available in every corner of the country; from Cornwall to Scotland, for small independents to garden centers, universities to national grocers. Any business wanting to sell a reusable, sustainable alternative to single-use water is now able to stock Bottle Up.

WHSmith expands distribution of Bottle Up to European Airports

15 Mar. 2022

Reusable pre-filled bottled water brand Bottle Up will be available in 35 European international airports in WHSmith outlets this spring. This is an expansion on the existing listing in 400 UK transport sites and will be the first time a pre-filled, reusable water bottle has been available to European travellers.

Why BPA is not okay

19 Feb. 2022

We already knew BPA is dangerous to all kinds of animals and their environment. But did you know it’s very (very!) bad for your own health as well? Recent research by the European Food Safety Authority shows that just a little bit of BPA in our bodies can already cause harm. Now more than ever, we need to realize that BPA is not okay.

Say goodbye to single-uselessness.

18 Aug. 2021

Founded in Amsterdam in 2019, Bottle Up is aiding the widespread international single-use plastic crisis by giving consumers the opportunity to purchase their innovative, affordable, sustainable sugar cane BPA-free pre-filled water bottles across the UK.


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