The end of single use plastic has begun

Our mission

Bottle Up began with a simple human truth

Okay, maybe we’re biased, but we think our hometown, Amsterdam, is beautiful.

And our history has given us special connection to the water.

Then you’ll understand, why our frustration at seeing our canals filled with single-use plastic meant we had to act: “grab and go” water culture had to change.

So, we started Bottle Up, creating a bottle that’s attractive enough to keep, durable enough to last, safe enough to refill, and just as convenient and refreshing as ordinary bottled water. Our mission is simple: to eliminate single-use water bottles. Our solution: Bottle Up.

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Say goodbye to single-uselessness. Say hello to grab and go, and go and go.

Each long-lasting, refillable Bottle Up bottle replaces dozens, if not hundreds of single-use plastic bottles. It’s a great way to begin the end of single-use insanity.

Every bottle counts

Bottle Up isn’t just planet positive, it’s people positive. Every bottle sold means another donation to our partners at Made Blue.

They’re doing wonderful work, ensuring clean, safe drinking water to communities in developing countries all over the world.

More about Made Blue


It starts with renewable.

Our sugar cane bottles are made from… you guessed it… sugar cane, which is a renewable resource. This means they require less water to produce than single-use bottles. They’re carbon neutral, recyclable, and best of all, totally reusable.

london water bottle blue


Bottle Up is rewarding for retailers.
Stocking a reusable plant-based bottle filled with spring water lets you offer a planet-positive alternative to single use and grow your customer base. It also:

  • Drives up basket spend in your water category.
  • Makes reusable bottles accessible for everyone.
  • Adds variety, colour, and choice to your chilled section.
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