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Help us end single-use plastic

Local action means global progress

Big cities have more people. That means more plastic waste. Together, we can change that. City bottles are our way of harnessing the power of local pride to end to the global nightmare of single-use plastic.

Our London, and Amsterdam bottles are making a difference already. Because they’re robust and reusable, fewer single use bottles being sold. And that’s something to be proud of.

Berlin here we come.

Berlin gets over 14 million tourists a year, and they leave behind a lot of plastic. A Bottle Up, Berlin bottle can help change that.

Our success in Amsterdam and London has shown, our robust, reusable city bottles do get refilled, and reused. Their attractive design means City Bottles get taken home, not left behind. Result: cleaner cities, and less single-use waste.


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Bottle Up benefits

The bottle’s made of sugar cane the water’s made of water


Our bottle is made entirely from renewable plant-based plastic, using less water.


Sturdy, and safe! Our sugar cane based bottle is tough, and BPA free.


Filled with low-impact fresh spring water from sustainable sources and priced so affordably it can compete with single-use plastic.

Newest City Bottle

Looking lovely

London loves Bottle Up, and we love London right back. Introducing our newest City Bottle: Lovely London. This regal red super-bottle is already out, helping replace single-use plastic, and making London and the world a better place.


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