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Ending single use-plastic forever is a big job, so having passionate teammates, and retailers on the team is essential.

If people can’t find planet-positive alternatives, the global problem of single-use plastic can only get worse. Accessibility is the key to progress! We took that in to account when developing Bottle Up, by designing it to out compete single-use bottled waters in every way.

Bottle Up allows you to offer your customers the positive choice they’re looking for. It’s eye-catching, unique design adds colour and excitement to your water cooler. It’s proven to boost M2 revenue. And finally, Bottle Up is a visible sign of your commitment to sustainability.

Join us


Bottle Up is already making a difference in reducing single-use plastic. Join us!

Bottle Up has proven to boost the water category revenue.

Reclaims environmentally conscience customers in the bottled-water category.

With Bottle Up you show your commitment to sustainability.

"Since we launched Bottle Up in our travel locations in 2020, they have driven up the average basket spend in the water category."

Niraj Virji

Water Buyer at WHSmith

"Our aim at Jumbo is to provide our customers with delicious beverages, whilst raising ecological awareness. We welcome innovations which focus on health and sustainability. Bottle Up fits in with our vision, which is why we are happy to have formed a partnership with them."

Sandra Klomp

Category manager at Jumbo


It starts with renewable.

Our sugar cane bottles are made of… you guessed it… sugar cane, which is a renewable resource. This means they require less water to produce than single-use bottles. They’re carbon neutral, recyclable, and best of all, totally reusable.


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