If you can’t reuse it, don’t choose it


Let’s get started ending single-use plastic!

The best way to reduce plastic waste is to reuse the plastic we have.
The trouble is, your average bottled water bottle can’t be reused.
That’s because it contains bisphenol A. Yuck!


Bottle Up is 100% BPA free.

That means you can reuse it again and again. Refill it for your daily commute, your weekend bike trip, or just keep a full Bottle Up in your bag as an emergency goldfish resuscitation system, or to put out tiny forest fires. But the best part is, you’ll never need a single-use bottle again.

Our quality bottles


Dishwasher safe

Bottle Up is kind and gentle. It would never hurt a dishwasher.

Long lasting

Bottle Up’s plant based super-powers make it robust, strong and enduring. If you’re not careful, it may outlast you.

BPA Free

BPA’s Bah! Who needs them? Bottle Up is safe for the planet, and it’s also safe for people!


The Bottles are made of sugarcane

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Our story

We try to be the change we want to see

Our story


Bottle Up is rewarding for retailers.
Stocking a reusable plant-based bottle filled with spring water lets you offer a planet-positive alternative to single use and grow your customer base. It also:

  • Drives up basket spend in your water category.
  • Makes reusable bottles accessible for everyone.
  • Adds variety, colour, and choice to your chilled section.
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