renewable sugar cane water bottle

Out with the old, in with the renewable.

not goop.

The raw material of our bottles is sugar cane, not petro-chem goop.

Sugar cane is amazing stuff! It grows with little to no irrigation, makes its own fertilizer (clever plant) and when you give it a squeeze…hey presto, SUGAR! And it’s carbon neutral. It actually takes CO2 out of the air, and turns it into sugar, and in our case durable, BPA free plastic.

Our sugar cane comes from Brazil. But don’t worry, no de-forestation here. It comes from grasslands 2500km from the Amazon basin. After all, our whole goal is to make the planet a better, more lovely place for everyone and everything… including rain forests!


Our bottles are made to last. You can re-use them again and again.


Find our bottles in the water shelf, next to the single-use water bottles.

For a price so sweet, you can't resist.

From source to bottle

Made with love, 
crafted to perfection.

So certified.

brc food certificate
i am green certificate
recycle certificate


Bottle Up is rewarding for retailers.
Stocking a reusable plant-based bottle filled with spring water lets you offer a planet-positive alternative to single use and grow your customer base. It also:

  • Drives up basket spend in your water category.
  • Makes reusable bottles accessible for everyone.
  • Adds variety, colour, and choice to your chilled section.
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