Did you know BPA is very (very!) bad for your own health?

We already knew BPA is dangerous to all kinds of animals and their environment. But did you know it’s very (very!) bad for your own health as well? Recent research by the European Food Safety Authority shows that just a little bit of BPA in our bodies can already cause harm. Now more than ever, we need to realize that BPA is not okay.

First things first: what is BPA exactly? It’s short for bisphenol-A, which is a spooky chemical that’s often used as a hardener in fossil-based plastics. It’s bad for the environment and (as it turns out) bad for your health too. That’s because BPA is mostly used in all kinds of food related products, like packaging and reusable water bottles, and ends up in our bodies. This can lead to some serious health problems, like cancer and damage to our immune system.

To sum up: BPA is very, very bad for you. So why do manufacturers keep using it? Honestly, we have no clue. Especially because there’s a perfect alternative available: bioplastic! Take our reusable water bottles for example. They are made from sugarcane, which doesn’t contain any BPA. In other words: our bottles are completely BPA-free! So join us in saying ‘nay’ to BPA and taking better care of the planet and ourselves.